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دستگاه دکتر رولر

The best dermaller in sight of consumers

Made in South Korea

Design by moohan Gmbh berlinger many

فیدبک مشتریان دکتر رولر

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Dr Roller Official

Microneedling benefits

Short term treatment instead of other treatment like lasertraphy

100 % Natural and effective treatment

Economy treatment with just ss $

Usage by best dermatologist in world

Without any pain and bleeding and any side effect

Collagen stimulate for best result

Used by famous celebrities like Angelina jolie, Victoria beckham and Kim kardashian



First and only dermaroller with FDA approved

192 Stainness steel needle, most standard dermaroller

Most popular dermaroller in world

Only that use in best famous clinicle in world

Only dermaroller with gamma strili

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